She Walks, She Creeps, the hotly awaited new album from Hamilton’s WTCHS, has summoned up critical praise from far and wide:

"It's a coven of growling guitars and bellowed, distorted oaths, just in time for your annual Halloween blood ritual." – The FADER

"To bring you She Walks, She Creeps, they survived several line-up changes (now up to five enigmatic sound warriors), and tossed an entire album into the recycle bin in order to focus on “longer songs, more noise, more feedback and then even more noise.” Indeed, their average track length is now over six minutes, and their sonic assault has reached a level of grandeur most commonly associated with Godspeed You! Black Emperor." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"WTCHS put out by far the best and most rewarding loud rock record this year.… Sprinkled with feedback and layered with overblown guitars, howling vocals, beefy horns and Jesus Lizard-like rhythmic precision, She Walks, She Creeps is impossible to turn away from and begs to be turned up." – Dominionated

"The dark, sinister mood is aided by the epic prog-rock length of the songs, which gives the gnashing guitars more room to breathe and allows more time for the industrial atmosphere to seep under the listener’s skin.…She Walks, She Creeps drags us to hell, and we go willingly, intoxicated by its dark allure." - Ride the Tempo

"The cave punks have outgrown their lair and venture out into the night now a lumbering post-rock monster" – Chart Attack

"She Walks, She Creeps forced us to look inside ourselves, to push ourselves in a direction we had always envisioned but didn't quite know how to execute in the beginning," the band told Exclaim! "Recording this record become our therapy. We didn't care about how long or when it was going to be finished. The urgency, the chaos amongst the songs are real. It was our anxieties, our demons that sit amongst the endless layers of frenzied guitars, using suitcases for drums at times, mellotrons, and a brass section to create something that was boiling on the surface. It's like we were given a second chance, a much needed change to bring an ounce of peace to our aching, tortured souls."