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Simply Saucer was Canada's first proto-punk band. Emerging in 1974 from the industrial city of Hamilton, Ontario, the quartet created a distinct and original sound that was decidedly out of step with the musical climate of the day.

While most local acts emulated the popular sounds of the era, this quartet played edgy rock & roll that was a combination of early '70s punk pre-cursors (Velvet Underground, Stooges, Modern Lovers), krautrock (ala Can, Neu, early Kraftwerk) and UK prog/psyche (Hawkwind, Pink Fairies, Syd Barrett, both with and without Pink Floyd). Although the only material released while the band existed was a two-song 45 rpm single, a 1974 recording session and a 1975 live set were collected together posthumously and released under the moniker Cyborgs Revisited on the Hamilton label Mole Sound Recording in late 1989. Originally available only as a limited run LP, the album was later released on CD though Fistpuppet.

Now long out of print, this newly remastered, expanded reissue is the first legitimate re-release of this material in more than a decade. It is also the first time the 1978 "She's A Dog" single has been made available on compact disc. Critically acclaimed upon its initial release, the album received an incredible amount of praise for work previously available in such limited quantities. Both Forced Exposure and Alternative Press have hailed it as the best Canadian album ever recorded and positive reviews for the album were printed in publications such as Spin, New Musical Express, Creem and CMJ. With expanded liner notes from Saucer gurus Bruce Mole Mowat and Gary Pig Gold, this new version of the album is one of the most exciting reissues of 2003. MEMBERS: Kevin Christoff, Don Cramer, Steve Park, Edgar Breau 

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